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July 25, 2024
"Energy is spent holding back rather than giving birth to our own true creative self."
-- Charlyne Gelt, Ph.D.,(PSY22909), M.F.T. #29972
Mind/Body/Spiritual Connection
center divider Fear in the Workplace
"Unfinished family business lingers in our psyche like a thief in the night waiting to steal a fragile sense of identity."

Care and Repair of the Soul
"It is the single small step that begins the journey of a thousand miles." — The Tao Te Ching (Chapter 64)

Balancing Our Emotional Body
A wonderful metaphor for the importance of feeling centered, and the strength and joy of a life in balance, is the art of rock stacking.

Breaking the Patterns of Self-Imposed Limitation.

Boundaries, Growth and Change
Life change, in people as well as in plants, occurs according to their own timing. Growth and change often means that first something within needs to die.

Redemption Motifs in Myth and Fairytale
Myths and symbols are in the language of the soul. A myth helps us to take a situation to heart and know what we must do. — Jean Shinoda-Bolin, Crossing to Avalon, 1995

Crisis as a Turning Point
Many a modern-day Alice finds the wounded self trying to fit into someone else's mold, into a world that makes no sense or meaning

Perspectives on Catwoman Character
Catwoman is the eternal story of patient, nurturing women living a life of tolerance and humility. They have learned to survive in a patriarchal society by masking the true Self.

How To Trust Your Teen - An Interview with Dr. Gelt
Westside Today talks with Dr. Gelt about parenting teenagers.

How To Trust Your Teen - An Interview with Dr. Gelt
How to avoid power struggles and develop a more trusting relationship with your teen.

"Hell's Angels": The Transformative Journeys of Women Who Love Lifers and Death Row Inmates
Women who have relationships with death row inmates, and the transformative effect it has.

Ph.D. Dissertation Abstract: Hell's Angels
The lived experience of 26 women in committed relationships with lifers and death row inmates whom they did not know prior to his incarceration.

Father Hunger
Learn how an unmet hunger for a masculine father figure in our lives affects us as individuals and within our society.

Children, Divorce and Self-Esteem
This article discusses the effects of divorce on children's self-esteem and offers guidance for parenting during this difficult time.

The "Third Candle" In Relationships
It romantic relationships it's important to create a healthy sense of "we" that allows each person to maintain their sense of individuality.

Parenting Special Needs Children
An article on how to help special needs children enjoy a sense of belonging, and move towards interdependency and full inclusion within the family system so they learn to be healthier, more independent adults.

Facing The Challenges Of A Child On The Autism Spectrum
This article discusses how parents can best deal with and help empower their child, particularly by developing awareness of family dynamics.

The Many Faces of Autism
The multiple "faces" of autism require multiple treatment strategies, including supportive family therapy.

Mind/Body/Spiritual Connection
Article on how the mind, body, and spirit are interrelated, and how both medical and therapeutic environments must be used to treat the whole person.