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July 25, 2024
Dr. Gelt -presentations
Charlyne Gelt, Ph.D.
M.F.T. #29972
(818) 501-4123

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Presentation Topics

1. Hell's Angels: The Transformative Journey of Women Who Love Lifers and Death Row Inmates
Historical and psychological factors motivating these women provides an understanding of what drives them to choose men who have been removed from society at large. Learn about and understand the underlying dynamics of these women - what draws them in and what keeps them in these complex relationships. Understanding the common threads and the dynamics of these women's relationships informs the clinician working with their own clients' narcissistic injuries who may be caught in the cycle of destructive relationship patterns.

2. Wondering About Autism
An overview of autism, a glance at the spectrum of treatment models, using lecture, experiential exercises, excerpts from current literature, and role-play to deepen the participant's understanding.

3. Three Styles of Parenting
Explores options that encourage healthier parenting dynamics. Discussion and experiential exercises are used to explore Authoritarian, Democratic, and Permissive parenting styles.

4. Redemption Motifs and Transformative Journeys
This presentation uses the richness of fairytales and myth to explore redemption motifs and its application to therapeutic procedures and the healing process. It explores myth and fairy stories, such as the "search for gold," as metaphors in process towards wholeness, and individuation.